Avatar: Legend of Korra

Well now that I’ve aligned this blog with my tastes, I guess it’s time to open floor for conversation and I can’t think of a better way to christen this talk blog than with one of my favorite shows than…*drumroll*

Legend of Korra

YES! It is the new installment in the Avatar (not the films) franchise Avatar: Legend of Korra. So let me do a very brief sum up for anyone just catching on the hype.

The Last Airbender

The Original series was Avatar: the Last Airbender which centered around a boy and friends and their journey in the mystical Avatar world.

The Premise: a twelve-year old boy who can bend air (yeah like sounds, control the element of air) finds out that he is the Avatar: a powerful being capable of bending all four elements and serves a bridge between the spirit world and physical world. In an escape attempt he is capsuled in ice for a hundred years. When he is freed he finds a ravaged world to save from the excesses of the Fire Nation

The players (Main): Aang, the Avatar and the Last airbender, Katara the last and very gifted waterbender of the Southern Water Tribe, Sokka the sarcastic and strategic brother of Katara, Toph, also highly gifted and blind Earthbender from the proud Earth Kingdom, Uncle Iroh, sage, funny and surprising uncle of the Fire Prince, Zuko the troubled heir to the Fire Nation, Azula the prodigious and cut-throat  sister of Zuko.

Why you should watch: A unique and fully realized setting, memorable characters, solid and addicting plot, character development, action, drama, romance. Don’t let the fact that its a cartoon on Nickelodeon deter you, this is going to be one the better animations series you ever watch, so much so that you might take for anime. Guess what…it’s not.

Now to what’s at hand: Avatar Korra.

I didn’t indulge in any leaks and previews in the two year period (?) the passed between the Last Airbender and Legend of Korra (hereafter abbreviated to LOK). I like to immerse myself in stories so I make no presumptions going in. So today was THE first time I saw the Avatar Korra. And I gotta say that I love this chick. What exactly do I love about her? One: just her overall physicality. To me seems to be a tall a well-muscled chick which in my mind aligns perfectly with the extensive training that Avatarhood requires and her badassness. I was afraid that the creators were take Korra the little, lithe and pretty route. Not that Korra isn’t pretty (tomboy vibe) but she’s definitely not femme fatale in the conventional sense, which brings me to my second reason: She’s no shot from the left field, she’s head-on awesomeness of kick-but-take-names-later kind of chick with no timidity. So in my eyes there’s nothing not to love about her.

Avatar Korra

Today’s episode: It was nice update and introduction to foundation of this series. Katara outlived her peers (sad) and is now a prestigious member of the Order of the White Lotus. We learn that she and Aang had three little airbenders Tienzen, Bumi (after King Bumi) and Kaya and Tienzen has three and half little airbenders himself [Note: Airbender gene is dominate, any offspring with an airbender will be an airbender). It would have been nice to find out what happened with the Zuko’s mother (the WORST tease) and in turn Zuko himself but that story didn’t get off the ground but hopefully that mystery will be solved throughout the series. We also meet Toph’s daughter Lin but that’s the end of the genealogy for the show (at present). What else? Korra can’t airbend, Tienzen is her master, She leaves the White Lotus compound for Republic city and learns about the state of affairs at large. By the end of the episode Korra is enlightened to the inequalities and frustrations of the Republic and learns that the Avatar needs every element at their disposal.

On the Horizon: As I stated earlier, I like to immerse myself in story and I do that by avoid presumptions aka spoilers, leaks and Plot theories. That said, I’m human, I indulge it. So what I see on the is a love triangle between Mako, Korra and Bo-Lin(hereafter MKB). It’s clear that Bo-Lin likes Korra but she’s leaning toward Mako and Mako just may return the feeling.The time alone between Korra and Mako will probably serve to strengthen these feelings.
The solution to the non-bender and bender slant can be straightened one of two ways: make everyone a bender or make everyone a non-bender. The latter is impossible: you’re either born that way or not. But the second IS very possible but only if you’re a Avatar right? My theory is that assumption is wrong. Energybending can be wielded outside of the Avatarstate. The only thing “no bender is safe'” from is having their abilities taken away. So WHAT is the threat is, is all but spelled out for us. The question is WHO, outside of the Avatar, can do this and HOW? My bet is on the dude in the mask (forgot his name but I also have my suspicions on his real” identity) as far as the WHO part and I have no theories on the HOW he’s able to do this.

It’s too early to get too excited but I am looking forward to the new season. With that I have one question: what’s up Meelo’s head?


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