The “Swilary”

So I was updating myself on the political scene a couple of days ago and wanted to comment then but my connection was bad. But from what I’ve read here recently some US Secret Agents were caught in some unseemly behavior in Colombia involving prostitutes. These agents had to recalled essentially and the scandal overshadowed all the other (more important) topics of the summit that Obama was having. In light of this incident images of Hilary Clinton having some drinks and dancing emerged. The media cries SCANDAL again, and have dubbed her “Swilary” Clinton. Google it. If you find different let me know.

Let me say that I love the “Swilary”.  So she had some drinks and danced (Note: she was there for like half an hour) unless they found a Colombian stripper there’s nothing to have your panties in a bunch about. And even if she did it would just prove one thing to me: Clintons know how to have a good time. I approve the Swilary. I feel like if more politicians “swilled” and the public would allow them to undon the responsibilities as keepers of the country it might make for a better country.

So please relax America, she was letting her hair down maybe if you would do the same you’d be more zen about life. So get a lil “swilary'” of your own and try to stay of Hilary’s.


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