I rung this new much like how I rung the other 22 years of my life (just in case that confuses you that means I’m 23) with my family over luck and finger food, music and a prayer that next year will be a better year. This year has been damn good on the spiritual growth side…lacking in others. But this year is supposed to be the last year EVER. Yes I’m talking about Apocalypto, no wait, I mean the apocalypse to come in December.

I broach this subject today after reading an article about apocalypse driven tourism to the Mayan Ruins.Since I am thoroughly fascinated by this subject (and other paranormal/supernatural topics) I was disappointed to read a soft selling article about all the things-to-do-before-you-die if you have a spare 10k instead a record of the antics that people are doing in preparation for the end of days. But since I read it I will let everyone know that there are awesome things to do before December but the majority of us will not be able to afford to do it.

So let’s get to the meat of the convo……2012 THE END or the end of the year? If I had throw down a bet, I’d say the end of the year. I survived Y2K. That said, I am not a skeptic, I believe…I believe we will not know. But I love the 2012 phenomena I’ve been reading about. So let me enlighten those who aren’t me and Google things for themselves (I suggest you do).  I’m not an expert so this will be a summary.

The Mayans have a calender that’s more accurate than the Julian Calender. This calender has cycles, at the end of which the calender resets, marking the end and beginning of ages. The rest is left to interpretation. One school of thought is that the resets are connotative of the end of the world and the beginning of paradise. Another is that the resets is the end of the world as it is known. The scientific school of thought doesn’t even think about it, it’s all a silly notion; the superstitions of primitive people now the feeding fodder of conspirators and escapist entertainment for the masses. You pick.

Given that I don’t believe that December 21st, 2012 is the end of the world (and not because I don’t believe in predictions, the supernatural etc, I do), I am open to the interpretation of it being the end of an Age. Certain trends do seem indicative of a kind of grand shift in mass psyche (Note: I will coin words until I learn the appropriate words, should it not exist I simply coin one to express the idea). For instance, the movement against bullying, even internet bullying. I grew up in a time (the 90s) when you handled bullying yourself, “snitching” was only for extremes. Now today’s youth is expected to take a united stand against bully and report it adults, even online bullying. More young adults want to spend time abroad (my dream), with things like this I can see the end of an age. That said I don’t expect it to be rain drops and gum drops on the 22nd.

As far as THE END? If this is the last year I have got to say that my last year is off to a lame start with this job search. It could very well be the last year in human existence but even if it was I’m good with the life I’ve had and don’t feel any particular need to make preparations…………because I don’t believe it is. But on another note what’s with the attraction to the apocalypse? That’s a post for another day…..like Sunday.

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