‘Girls’ Early

So I claimed early in the roll that HBO’s new series ‘Girls’ would have to wait for summer since I’m dedicated to GOT. Well after a frustration night with GOT I decided to stick around for ‘Girls’.  My initial impression is that it would be lame version of ‘Sex and the City’, I was wrong and right in a way. I was wrong in thinking that it wouldn’t be engaging, realistic or entertaining but I was right in the lame version of ‘Sex in the City’ thing, it is but that’s part of makes great. It’s not four beautiful and established older women tackling love, life and sex with all their fumbles. No these women are tackling all that and then some, their lives are starting to form or hitting a stall which is probably more resonating with the young women of today than ‘Sex and the City’. Don’t get me, wrong  I love ‘Sex and the City’ but it is glamorized, more like how most women wished they lived, ‘Girls’ is an point depiction of what ‘Sex’ would call a “twenty-somethings”’ life now.

Why You should watch:

‘Girls’ is definitely worth watching if you’re like me: more so seeking resonance and advice than an escape in spectating the lives of the 1%. ‘Girls’ has a trait from the 90s that I haven’t seen in a while: characters you know. I honestly know women like every single one of the characters of ‘Girls’ and can actively empathize with their issues. Older women will likely shake their heads and laugh at new and old follies of the ‘twenty-somethings’ and young women will likely appreciate and enjoy the reflection and resolution of our lives.

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