Revelation Fascination

Picture this:

You’re standing in the dawn of a new day atop a leaning dilapidated building. Before you the charred and rotting core of what used be the Big Apple. Lady Liberty, severed in two, is all but swallowed beneath the waves, arm yet and still raising the flame of freedom. You survey this scene with absolute resolution. You hear the buzz of a motorbike that survived the disaster your building. The biker halts before you and gives a salute. Ready.  You straighten up, battle ready for the task ahead. You look behind you. The seven completing members of your misfit brotherhood of badasses, each with their own fatal speciality, nod off to go. You all mount up, guns locked and loaded, dressed in assorted pieces of suspenders, boots, sleeves, fatigues and scarves and not a single bulletproof vest among you: you’re just that badass. You’re gonna rock these ravaged wastelands from sun up to sun down.

Now I can appreciate a post-apocalyptic dystopian piece just as much as the next person, if not more. There was a point when these films (and TV series) were rolling of the media mill as if the collective plublic were wishfully thinking of it. I used to wonder what was the fascination with revelation? To think about, the infatuation makes sense.

It just hit me one day that the main appealing factor has to be the clean slate or reset, which in turn yields massive potential. The world today is disappointing in many ways for many people (be legit or ignorant reasons). Resolving them even more so. The old model disassembled and you’re left with the opportunity to make something new and different, just the way you want. Which is awesome but on the scale of human accomplishment, is it really? Lately I’ve been thinking, no….not really. This mostly due to the fact that most people aren’t equipped to handle the task after the reset. Issac Newton stuck a needle in his eye in his work. How many of us are willing to replicate this experiment in the pursuit of knowledge that would benefit everyone? *Crickets*

So yeah the idea of resetting the world from its present faults is appealing in its idea but not in its practicality. Rather than start from scratch, I’d rather amend and build upon what’s already been established.