DES Series: #4

Hey, Hey!

So I’m a good mood, not sure why I just am and I won’t bother trying to figure out why. I’m just going to enjoy it#don’tquestionbliss. I just wanted to update you on my condition. It’s fine considering I have a roof and family to take of care me#countyourblessings. But after plunging into the job search yet and again another little disturbing trend caught my in all the 3rd party hiring agencies.  So you join the agency to get your resume out there for employers to find when they’re scouting but these agencies now boast of a service that indexes your resume near the top for employers find immediately…for a price. It may have always been this way but I only recently took note. So we have come to place to where you have to pay to have a chance at opportunity#really?

But great obstacles make great men don’t they?#encouragement.




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