Cone of Silence

    Hey, hey. Just wanted to provide an update. Don’t really have much to talk about. As far as the employment front, still in a cone of silence but churned out about 8 applications today. But despite the Cone I am kinda of glad not to have a job (can’t let my mom know that). Not that I don’t want one, I do, I need to have my own space and wheels, dependency gets old#I’mReady. But all this time has given me time to wallow in my creative side. Like a true geek, I have discovered fanfiction and I have spent the last four days writing little threads on some of my favorite shows, books, movies etc. I have also been indulging in coqueting (sketching) and crayons. I might post some up here, I’m in a sharing mood. I honestly didn’t think I had this much capacity for creating. But since I have been left with so much time, why not? Just so I don’t lose all the schooling I have gone into debt for I also picked up some software training books and free software and language guides to self teach. So no matter what I’ll be ready to jump back into the job market. But pretty much waiting for a call (oooh that sounds like a post for another day). Any call really. It would be awesome if a challenge emerged to carry me off in pursuit of my destiny but maybe I have been reading too many books#realmreality? 

 The point of this post being that my Cone of Silence was surprisingly filled this past week or so. I’m glad for it#smallblessings. 


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