Just a Thought

As I told you last time a little concern has been buzzing around my head since I got hired recently and I have been trying to gather the words and eloquence to say it. I haven’t really been successful so I’ll just try to put you in my shoes.

So post getting the job I went to FB to let all my friends know and posted the credo for my corporate job on my LinkedIn. Ever since then I have been real cautious about what I post and where I post since social networks can be just as detrimental to your career as they can be helpful. Now while I am grateful to have a job, it is, yet and still, a job. A stepping stone to help get where I really want to be. All this got me to musing over how much of my actions are mine versus what society dictates? Not trying to get too philosophical about it but we have this idea (that some would the concept false or unreal but that’s not the point of the topic) that we own ourselves (Self Ownership) and have exclusives rights over our lives and body but find yourself censoring yourself for the sake of keeping employment.  I rationalized to myself that you have maintain the brand whoever you work for as well as your own. Suddenly brands seemed cumbersome. I get the idea, take the unique parts of you or what you do and mold it into an image that is uniquely identified with you(Brand). But what if you, like me, find yourself changing? I could define changing as my brand but isn’t that counterproductive to idea of branding?

See? Jumbled, even as I read it. I guess what I’m trying to get at is, in a world of investments how much do we own actions? The world changes and you have to change with it. And is branding really good thing? Assigning the same traits and images to yourself seems daunting to me.

This all probably nothing, me doing too much thinking. I need to get a life. It seemed like people were becoming little packaged corporations to valued or passed over and less like people#paranoia.


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