Delta, the fourth Greek letter, here is used in the mathematical sense meaning change

Paradigm, a set concepts, values or patterns of thinking a way to perceive reality.

Hence Delta Paradigm means changing the way one thinks as a way to change how one perceives reality.

I want Delta Paradigm to be place to put any topic on a platform for discussion from trivial to taboo. The only way to understand is to first ask why. Hopefully the topics can be touched in many ways: intelligently, candidly, humorously, with respect and empathy. This is not only a place where the similar-minded individuals can come together to gush, that would kill the point of the blog. This also a place for civil dispute….note the civil.

In the same vein, this not THE PIT OF CONVERSION (shout out to Defend Your Castle) where we will make them us. I firmly believe that if you don’t stand something you’ll fall for anything. Not asking to sacrifice your tenacity in what you believe, hell speak on it if you got it. But be willing to do just as much listening as vocalizing. Disagreements does not mean that there’s nothing you can’t teach me, or vice versa, it simply means we don’t agree. C’est tout. All I ask is to open yourself to the ideas and experiences of those around you.

So what do I want or expect? I want visitors to depart with and comeback for something they found, be it comradery, humor, or insight. I expect that if you and I keep it open there should be some fire conversation and hearty debate.

Welcome to Delta Paradigm!



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