‘Girls’ Talk

I recall the promotional trailers and viral shorts for HBO’s latest series ‘Girls: mildly peaking but I have yet to actually watch it (I’m way too caught up in Game of Thrones to commit to anything else). It seems to be a realistic take on the woes of today’s post-secondary young adults (I remember writing about this myself). I got this impression from: the unstunning lead ‘girl’ and the dialogue. Anyway, I watched Game of Thrones and opted for sleep over the premiere of the series and apparently missed out given the bad buzz its already caused.


This is one the two big issues I’ve read about the series. So the main cast are the daughters of individuals with connections in the industry and were able to get the show off the paper and onto the screen. People are pissed. I don’t blame them. There are thousands of actors, screenwriters and directors starving in their efforts to come up just to be seen or heard. Its a catch-22 thing; can’t get exposure without already having exposure. And the BOE is raised even higher when all the favors are only passed out to those related to the elite. Following your dreams is a bitch these days. That said, they would be stupid NOT to take advantage of their contacts. Networking skills are right up there with talent. You gotta know people, scratch their back so they can scratch yours. Its sucks to be shut out this way but it happens, it’s a part of the game now; so don’t hate it, apply it. If you aren’t pulling strings with the people you know, you’re behind.


Or should I say lack thereof? There is no diversity in ‘Girls’….at least not yet. Honestly I don’t think any will emerge either. It’s 2012, why is this an issue? I got a question, what’s special about 2012? The years that pass have nothing to do with how much a single person progresses let alone an entire society. It’s 2012 and there’s still issues with diversity. Accept life. ‘Girls’ observes the plight of four young post-secondary educated white women. I kinda got that from the promos (as in I wasn’t expecting diversity). It is what it is. Some feel that the show should include the ”black and brown” friends (I mean if four white girls are having hard time imagine what their black and latina girlfriends might be dealing with) can’t say they’re wrong; they’re not but if the writer didn’t think to create a unique character of color, don’t bother inserting one to score diversity points, that boat was already missed. More often than not when trying to score diversity points the diverse characters are stereotypes rather than actual characters. There’s really nothing to say but the writer probably wasn’t thinking about diversity. Note: this is not an approval.

All that said, I have heard  that the acting is good (after committing nepotism it better be) and it is a very real depiction of today’s young women’s (well, not every woman) twenties complete with desperation and humiliation. Sounds like my kind of show but I won’t be watching. Not until Thrones is off, but the Blood comes on right behind it so “Girls” will have to wait for the summer.


Guess What?! I just figured out how the commenting on blogs portion works! I’ve heard some good things. Again thank you and now that I understand I hope to hear more from you.

I want to give a special shout out to the international blog readers that left comments.I only speak French and Japanese (and limited Japanese but working on that) outside of English and I can read Spanish pretty well (my fourth language SN: what’s wrong with me?). So for the more exotic languages (like I’m assuming that’s Russian, Romainian or Ukrainian under my While the Earth Sleeps post) I have to ask you post in a Romance Language (English, French, Spanish) or Japanese.

We hit off to a good start, so let’s keep the ball rolling 🙂