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U&U: Update and Upcoming

So it’s been like a month since I have posted here on this blog. For my followers, thank you. For those tuning in, thank you as well. I’m one of those types that doesn’t speak unless I can contribute something by doing so. Now that I am speaking let me get to my contribution#Purpose.

I have been long absent because I was bored in between logging sinful amount of hours online trying to find a job and babysitting/cleaning the house. I may have mentioned it (or maybe not) but I took to writing fanfiction as a way to keep my synapses firing, juice my creativity and raise my word per minute score. I am enjoying it immensely and find myself having several ideas for stories but I have come upon the stumbling blocks of writing. Since this is my first official venture into this territory I’m really concerned for like style and tone as much I am with completing my first story. I recently discovered I’m a green person so when I read about how green people love ideas but fumble with execution I knew that the writing would be challenging. And it is but I’m determined to keep my promise to myself: finish one then start another#Commitment.

Also, you’ll be glad to hear this 🙂 I am no longer unemployed! I have gotten hired to a job with a very decent salary this past week and I start later this month. It was nine months post matriculation but hey a blessing is a blessing. Let’s hope it keeps rolling. To anyone still struggling: keep going. I’m not trying to convert you but if you hold a supreme being or higher power responsible for this wonderful thing we call life you might want to get in touch with it#MayTheForceBeWithYou. If you don’t just consider this an alternative#TheSpiceOfLife.

Upcoming is a post that’s been rattling in my brain, like many things, for the past week. I don’t want to just get on this thing and ramble so in between my next fanfic post and preparing for a  full-time job, I’m trying to hone in on what I want to say to you. I recently decided to be less FCC with my own thoughts on my own blog since it’s that moreso than many responsibilities that keep my posts sparse here. The upcoming post will deal with self-ownership and branding  and as soon as I find a way fluidly express my concern these ideas. I got the inspiration for this after getting hired and reading all the contracts#Contemplation.

That’s the upcoming post. My goal is to have it by Friday coming and to just have more for you general. The goal of my blog was to have a platform for open conversation in the hopes that it leads to a better understand and better state of mind. I can do that by holding back so here’s to#LettingGo.

Uitori (also my pen name for Fanfiction.net: yes shameless plug).

Me and the Movies

So, I’m a big fan of movies. I love films so much so that I think I chose the wrong major in college. I feel like I should have studied theatre and production or majored in Film Studies, only thing was I had no clue what I would with thosedegrees. I would like pursue something along these lines in Grad School but scholarships and grants are sparse for arts degrees not mention I would be competing with people who have been doing this professionally for the majority of their lives. Maybe I’ll do it anyway#YOLO. But I have had some  chilling moments watching movies mostly because I can see bits of myself in a character. I had this moment when I watched a couple (now) favorites: Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins and Black Swan#meandthemovies.

Roscoe Jenkins

I took to Roscoe Jenkins and his perspective as the story progressed. I too have that family in the country filled with memories you try to dodge. I could completely understand him leaving, I want to leave too because, like Roscoe, I believe I can make a better life, a better me, without all the emotional baggage and preconceived notions. I love my family but I could definitely use time away from them for the sake of getting to me. But I noticed that even all that time and success that Roscoe had away from his family didn’t help out grow his feelings. He came back fell back into his role in the family and the only reason things changed was because he had enough courage to finally speak frankly..the end result wasn’t always pleasant (several black eyes) but he was able to mend ties with his family and develop a new appreciation for them and they, in turn, gained a new respect for him. Maybe I should save myself some time#message.

Nina Sayers

in my initial viewing I saw a girl that had some issues that could be solved by getting around more people, letting go/caring less and moving out of her mother’s house. But I saw something different watching it a second time. I cringed when I found myself understanding this woman. I recognized her mother as my own sometimes. I understood completely that desire for perfection and having a hard time letting go. I have my own version of The Scratch. We share too many traits, it’s crazy. But unlike Nina, I have an example to learn vicariously from.#lessonlearned.

But that is the point of films and characterizations, right? Writers pull relationships, habits and situations that common so that we can better relate to the characters and invest in the action of film. The deeper it resounds within us, the prouder the writer is of their work. It just feels like someone knows my life sometimes#somebody’swatchingme.