Update: RSS Issue


Okay I have gotten lots of comments and questions about my RSS feed, mostly about how visitors can”t find it. Well tinkering around my dash I found the RSS widget…..that wanted the address to my RSS feed or something of the like. So basically I need to sign up for (I guess) an RSS URL for this site. Working on it.





Kids React to Bullying (Series)

Shortened to react, Kids React to Bullying is a series by Benny and Rafi Fine (The Fine Brothers)  centered on kids reactions to bullying. I watched my first episode today and thoroughly enjoyed it. Although you can hear their parents in the mix as well, I was surprised at how well the kids spoke and presented their ideas. I was especially glad that they were honest about current punitive measures and their efficacy (more so lack thereof). Even the peers of the bullies agreed that simple apology and expulsion weren’t enough. While as an adult I can’t say what exactly should be done, I’m glad that a serious consideration is being thrown on the subject. What I’ll keep my eye out for now is more involvement from adults, especially parents.

Lawless (Film Trailer)

I saw this trailer last night at Think Like a Man decided to share it. Mostly because I am thoroughly happy to see Shia Labeouf back at work again. I have a tube crush on this guy and had been missing his face. But back to Lawless. Lawless has an impressive line up (Hardy, Oldman, Pearce, Labeouf, there are more but those are the ones I recognized immediately), set during the Prohibition and plenty of Tommy guns. Though I’m mostly invested in it because of Hardy and Labeouf, the idea of it being a film version of Boardwalk (recently got into it) is another good reason to go check it out.