Okay so I have been asked this a couple of times already and I’m very happy that it has happened. I have updated my public profile with an email address with which I can be contacted and whenever I’m speaking directly (like now) I’ll include it below my username. Via Paradigm or by email, or reblogging (still trying to figure that out) let me know what you see and think about the world around you. Things that could use a change or things just to banter about. You never know what idle chat can produce 🙂





Guess What?! I just figured out how the commenting on blogs portion works! I’ve heard some good things. Again thank you and now that I understand I hope to hear more from you.

I want to give a special shout out to the international blog readers that left comments.I only speak French and Japanese (and limited Japanese but working on that) outside of English and I can read Spanish pretty well (my fourth language SN: what’s wrong with me?). So for the more exotic languages (like I’m assuming that’s Russian, Romainian or Ukrainian under my While the Earth Sleeps post) I have to ask you post in a Romance Language (English, French, Spanish) or Japanese.

We hit off to a good start, so let’s keep the ball rolling 🙂