Cone of Silence

    Hey, hey. Just wanted to provide an update. Don’t really have much to talk about. As far as the employment front, still in a cone of silence but churned out about 8 applications today. But despite the Cone I am kinda of glad not to have a job (can’t let my mom know that). Not that I don’t want one, I do, I need to have my own space and wheels, dependency gets old#I’mReady. But all this time has given me time to wallow in my creative side. Like a true geek, I have discovered fanfiction and I have spent the last four days writing little threads on some of my favorite shows, books, movies etc. I have also been indulging in coqueting (sketching) and crayons. I might post some up here, I’m in a sharing mood. I honestly didn’t think I had this much capacity for creating. But since I have been left with so much time, why not? Just so I don’t lose all the schooling I have gone into debt for I also picked up some software training books and free software and language guides to self teach. So no matter what I’ll be ready to jump back into the job market. But pretty much waiting for a call (oooh that sounds like a post for another day). Any call really. It would be awesome if a challenge emerged to carry me off in pursuit of my destiny but maybe I have been reading too many books#realmreality? 

 The point of this post being that my Cone of Silence was surprisingly filled this past week or so. I’m glad for it#smallblessings. 


DES Series: #4

Hey, Hey!

So I’m a good mood, not sure why I just am and I won’t bother trying to figure out why. I’m just going to enjoy it#don’tquestionbliss. I just wanted to update you on my condition. It’s fine considering I have a roof and family to take of care me#countyourblessings. But after plunging into the job search yet and again another little disturbing trend caught my in all the 3rd party hiring agencies.  So you join the agency to get your resume out there for employers to find when they’re scouting but these agencies now boast of a service that indexes your resume near the top for employers find immediately…for a price. It may have always been this way but I only recently took note. So we have come to place to where you have to pay to have a chance at opportunity#really?

But great obstacles make great men don’t they?#encouragement.





Let me say that I am a pensive and introspective person. An idea person, I love the idea or thought of things which leads to kind of fumble in the practicality of them or dismiss them (remember EoM?). Anyway, this tendency toward contemplation has been drawing my attention toward some trends going on society…..and not in good way. No, its not the economy everyone can see that, it the societal, psychological, behavioral…uh…o.k. I’m not a psych major but hopefully you can see what I’m getting at….its the direction of the new age macroscopic mentality trends I’ve picking up on that’s catching my attention. I see good things but as with everything in life, there is some bad. This could just be things that only I am seeing but I feel the need to speak on it. For now, I’ll just talk about two things I’m seeing: pride[hubris?] and sheepishness#letsbegin.


So now it’s mode to do-away with or flip off authority in this age of easily-stifled-self-expression. I don’t if its the water or what but more and more people are running with encouragement and turning into gas for their self-proclaimed godhead. People can hold whatever beliefs they want, doesn’t really matter since everyone believes in something and holds faith. The thing I’m seeing that doesn’t sit well with is people doing away with God/authority only to put themselves there instead. A philosopher (I forget his name) predicted this as the next logical step. People would tire of any censorship of their behavior and so they would phase out any institutions or organizations that would do so. And in that empty space, people will assert themselves. I see the evidence for this in the way people refer to themselves, music, art, etc. In my eyes there’s a difference between being confident in your abilities and a flesh-and-blood human being, not remarkably unlike other flesh-and-blood human beings, believing themselves to be god#really?


It’s funny how in a time when people would believe themselves to be gods that would literary millions of people willing kiss their ass and agree. I’m starting to believe that I belong to the last sensible generation because the ones after mine (The Millennials) are warped. They’re young and wanna be free from the tyranny stifled self-expression and judgment. Basically they want to do whatever they want with no criticism-_-#imaginary#howwegetinourownway. They’re living in this imaginary world where they think freedom is actually free.Their, and my own,generation is hypersensitive to others opinions so far as to declare war for not agreeing. When did we get here? To place where a difference of opinion is infringing on someone’s “freedom”?#gangmentality. People have grown to be more and more sheepish these days. Following the wagon because everyone else is and you had better agree with it. We (I do not literary mean everyone this is just for convenience) have  gotten real easy to impress as well. Don’t believe me? Just take a look at all the celebrities and you tell me how many are actually worth celebrating#I’llwait.

There other things that raise a brow but they’re more political besides the behavioral/psychological trends will outlast the latest political agenda. As someone who wants to have kids someday these are ones that matter#OURFUTURE.